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Once known, yet beautiful beach of Kefalonia. Xi beach however is not like most beaches of Kefalonia have cliffs and deep water. Contrast has very easy access, shallow water suitable for children.

But what makes the Xi Beach unique is the separate kokkinokeramidi sand color. Due to the clayey composition, one can enjoy a natural and complimentary therapy spa, a sand and this helps in cleaning and skin tightening.

The beach is organized and easily found parking. It also has a canteen, cafeteria and lounge chairs with umbrellas. Lovers of water sports will not be left out after the beach Xi possibility for jet ski, water ski, parasailing, etc.
Beach Paliouras
Leaving from Sami and going Antisamo find a small bay, the Paliouras. It is an alternative place to swim and enjoy the sea and tranquility.

If you want to go fishing since this bay is popular for that reason you will see many fishing boats there. It is accessible from shore and from shore. Can drive to be careful and watch the junction (on the left) on the way to Antisamo.