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The Monastery of St. Gerasimos is the most sacred of the island. It chtismeno village down on top of a green valley with 40 wells near the villages Fragata and balms.

Saint Gerasimos is the patron saint of Kefalonia and the relic is kept in the monastery, in a silver urn.

The Saint Gerasimos was a monk from Trikala, Corinth and founded the monastery in the 16th century, renovating an older one, which was dedicated to the Virgin. Saint Gerasimos died in 1597 and consecrated in 1622.

He became famous for his miraculous abilities in people who suffer from mental illnesses. The monastery is impressive, with a chapel and a new church was richly ornamented.

Under the monastery (in the beginning, the monastery was in front) there is a cave built by St. Gerasimos, where they prayed and had his cell. Pilgrims from all over Greece come to pray and honor the saint.

The people of Kefalonia commemorates the death of Saint Gerasimos on August 16 and the return of the relics on October 20. In those days, a procession of the Holy occurs. The casket carried under the shade of a plane tree, which was planted himself Agios Gerasimos. The ceremony followed by a celebration with music, dancing, food and wine.

Hours of operation:
Monday - Sunday, 7p.m - 2 pm and 3 pm - 9pm