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Kefalonia's capital Argostoli is beautiful with a population of 10,000 inhabitants.
The city is surrounded by low and lush hills and is located in the middle of the bay is a natural harbor - one of the safest in the Mediterranean.

At the edge of the bay next to Argostoli is the lagoon of puppies, with lush vegetation and forests of towering eucalyptus trees.

Visiting Kefalonia, Argostoli not miss the historic bridge in Argostoli, known as Bridge Devoset. It is the largest stone bridge over sea.
In the middle of the quadrangle obelisk adorned with a four language inscription commemorative of the construction of the bridge. To this day maintains magnificence and remains visible boundary between the sea and the lagoon of puppies.

In Argostoli will find many attractions, museums, public offices and banks, and transportation for the entire island of Kefalonia.

In "pitching" a wonderful marble-pedestrian at the heart of the city beats the pulse of today's market. Here you go shopping and intermediates will enjoy a coffee or a drink at one of the many cafés.
Enjoy your ride on the big Radicals Avenue, along which dominate palms. One of the biggest attractions is the Theatre Argostoli "Kefalos". The Korgialeneios Library, which is the third richest library in Greece, hosting more than 59,000 volumes, housed in a neoclassical building near the theater.
The garden of Napier is a quaint, full of a wide variety of trees, park, surrounded by paddocks cefallonian traditional type, which is a place of peace and pleasure.
Then you can enjoy the ride on your big Ave Radicals, also known as "foinikodromos" that results in a small park filled with pine trees. In the biggest attractions of the city are also Argostoli Theatre "Kefalos" Korgialeneios the Library, which is the third richest library in Greece and garden Napier, who has a large variety of trees.