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St. Euphemia, is the seat of the municipality Pilareon, a picturesque harbor resort and simultaneously across from Ithaca.
You will find your way as you travel by road from Sami to the famous beach of Myrtos.

Beautiful villages and beaches such as beach Lithovati waiting for you to discover. The chapel in the harbor haunt impressive and adds a romantic touch to the magnificent landscape.

Continuing on to the ravine Pylarinos will find villages such as Saint Loud and Kalonoros. Over in St. Strong is the famous monastery of Panagia in Topics (dating 1096) which is worth the visit Aug. 15 and take part in the traditional festival with the locals.

Poros is the third port of Kefalonia and simultaneously a very pretty village which combines mountain and sea.

The last year has seen significant tourism growth and today there are several tourist facilities. Each year more and more visitors prefer to Kefalonia seat. Located on the southeast side of Kefalonia (located 14 km from Argostoli) and belongs to the municipality of Elios - pref.

The area has great archaeological interest here was one of the four ancient cities of Kefalonia, the pref. Also in place Broutzi excavations unearthed a tomb of the Mycenaean period, which shows that the area was inhabited since 1400 BC