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The sinks in Kefalonia belong to many geological sites. Located at a distance of about 2km from Argostoli, at the cape of St. Theodoron. The sinks are cracks - openings near the sea, where the water enters and takes a long ride underground crossing almost the entire island.

This fact was revealed in 1963 when geologists Maourin Viktor (Viktor Maurin) and Tsetl Joseph (Josef Zötl) from the Technical University of Graz, paint shed 160 pounds in one of the sinks. Two weeks later, traces of color found in sources on the other side of the island, 14 km away, as well as the grotto of Melissani.

Previously, the power of the water flow used to drive mills, but today they remain unused. The  mills where placed by the English Stewens, who was the first to notice the phenomenon.