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Five kilometers from Argostoli, going to the 'Tombs Pessada Mazarakaton who found the early 20th century. It is the largest cemetery in the Mycenaean period whose ruins attest to the era of Mycenaean civilization flourished in this region.
The cemetery because it was found intact is of great importance. Many reports became books of Homer for Kefalonian cemeteries after this came to light, rather confirmed.

The cemetery was found in 1813 by Colonel De Bosset. Many excavation took place in 1908 and 1909 by Kawadias who along with Colonel De Bosset investigated 16 vaulted tombs and 83 tombs. Under the tombs were no roads and caves into which the transfer was dead. The shapes (square, trapezoid, elliptical) and size (small, large) chambers vary.
Archaeological Museum of Argostoli

The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli after the earthquake of 1953 caused serious damage founded in 1957 and was completed in 1960 and in 2000 the building was fully restored from any damage. The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli hosted finds from the prehistoric era. The museum has three rooms.

In the first room exhibits findings from Sami, Fiskardo and Skala which date back to the Paleolithic and the Neolithic period. Here you will find flint tools, pottery, ceramics and precious miniature vaulted tombs from the Mycenaean period.

In the second room there are findings in their entirety from the Mycenaean period, which showed great prosperity on the island of Kefalonia. Items which come mainly from graves and not only that there were very prosperous for the island's history period.

In the third room the finds dated to the 5th century BC where Kefalonia divided in 4 cities-states wrestling, Helmets, and their Pronnon Sami. In this room you will see a pitcher 8th century BC marble head of Silenus, plastic vase in the form of a slave, from the cemeteries in Fiskardo, three funerary columns, a marble head of a woman and part of the mosaic floor of the sanctuary Neptune in Lixouri.

Business hours
Tuesday - Sunday: 8:30 a.m. - 3 pm